K-9 Maya passes IPWDA Trailing Tests

This week Eagle Valley Search Dogs hired Deb Palman, a retired Maine Warden, who has been involved for 30 years in K-9 Search and Rescue.  She is a master trainer for the International Police Working Dog Association (IPWDA).  Today Maya passed the IPWDA Search and Rescue trailing test.  The testing standards can be viewed by clicking on this link. IPWDA.
Maya did a nice job.  At her most distant point she was 228 feet from the actual track.  The wind was mostly from the South 3-7 mph but as you can see from the chart below it became more variable throughout the day.  This trail was laid at 9:30am and ran at 2:30pm.  You can see where the scent traveled up hill and where the Coxing Kill Creek sucked the scent towards the water. It took us 64 minutes to complete from start to finish.
IPWDA Test 5hr. old trail, 1.2 miles, Subject = blue, Maya = red

IPWDA Test, 1.2 miles, Subject = blue, Maya = red


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