Safe Mountain German Shepherds

Safe Mountain – Schutzberg in German – is a breeding program to preserve the working line shepherd in its truest form: as the ultimate working and family dog.

We breed for rock-solid nerves and stable temperaments, for intelligence, sociability, versatility, trainability and an iron will to succeed at the task at hand.

Safe Mountain pups will serve as excellent: loving family dogs, search dogs, schutzhund dogs and police dogs.

We have an average of one litter every other year.  Occasionally we will release Quax, our foundation stud, to approved females: they must be either titled in schutzhund, certified operational in search and rescue, and/or have an accomplished working line pedigree.

Here at Safe Mountain we feel a responsibility for the dogs that we bring into this world.  Super health is a must.  To be in the breeding program prospects are carefully screened for both mental and physical soundness.  The dog must have a German rating of a-normal, OFA Good or Excellent, and/or PennHip with a DI (distraction index) of less than 40 percent – preferably for the first two generations in its pedigree.  We will only breed to females between the ages of 2-5.  All dogs involved in the breeding program are cultured for bacteria and tested for brucella prior to breeding.

If your pup’s pedigree name ends with “vom Schutzberg,” you can be assured that love, time, experience and intelligence went into the making of your valued companion.

Here’s Our Crew:

Quax vom Rosseleck Sch 1 - V

Quax vom Rosseleck

NYSFEDSAR Certified Area Search K-9; both live-find and cadaver

Schutzhund 1 – V scores: 97, 95, 100

DOB: 7/14/05

Imported from Germany in June 2007

“A” normal hips with a ZW rating of 69

Both parents have “A” normal hips

Sire’s ZW = 67 and Dam’s ZW = 76

Lee vom Kraftwerk

Lee vom Kraftwerk

DOB: 9/24/03

OFA Hips Good and OFA Elbows normal

PennHipp: Left DI = .31 and Right DI  = .27

Both parents have “A” normal hips

Dazzling Maya vom Kraftwerk

Dazzling Maya vom Kraftwerk

NYSFEDSAR & IPWDA Certified Trailing K-9

DOB: 7/1/06

PennHipp: Left DI = .30 and Right DI = .26

Both parents have “A” normal hips

Sire’s ZW rating = 76

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Maya – Quax 2010 Litter pedigree click here


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