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Quax is the sire of this upcoming litter

Quax on a search mission

Hello Everyone!!

As usual I am incredibly busy educating dogs and their owners all over Ulster and Dutchess counties, NY. It’s been another busy year here with KyleWarrenDogs! All great stuff!! I have many new exciting projects getting underway and we hope to have an amazing website upgrade, along with great new products for purchase along with lots of great material on our site. So please stay tuned!! With any luck we will have a whole new world to offer all of you KyleWarrenDogs fans come Spring 2015!!

In the meantime please feel free to check out a recently published article I wrote for the magazine Visit Vortex at this link—

Kyle’s article in Visit Vortex

You can also check out all the amazing things happening here and in the UP with Kyle and his Llewellin Setters by visiting Paint River Llewellins.

As always!!—Thank you for your unwavering support and interest!! Carry on! Pack members!!

Rogue pointing a grouse in dense brush on the side of an old logging road.

Rogue pointing a grouse in dense brush on the side of an old logging road.


The new addition to Kyle’s pack

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A month ago we added another Llewellin to our family— her name is Omiimii which means Dove in Ojibwe the native tribe of the U.P. of Michigan. She’s a darling full of life and joy. You can always check out our Paint River Llewellin site for all things Llewellins.

omi sitting up

Holiday nap

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As Christmas is upon us, our pack is preparing for the howlidays with the pups!! Lots going on and to celebrate this season— our acquisition of land in the U.P. of Michigan, the addition on the house, our lovely Llewellins that have come to us, our two litters of pups (we still have some pups available if anyone is looking for great active family dogs!!) and a new truck too (yay)!!

Here’s a photo of some of the kids after we rearranged the living room a bit for the Christmas tree. I don’t know how you use a futon in your home but this is how it gets used in ours :)

Xmas set up pack nap

What’s new with Kyle….. PUPPIES!!!… Well— not new but current :)

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Here is a video of many of Paint River Llewellins litter from Pixel by Duncan. They are 5 weeks old tomorrow and growing like weeds. You can also visit our website by clicking on this link—

Remembrance of Maya

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Today marks the one year anniversary of my sweet amazing Maya’s passing. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of her and she is missed often and sorely. There’s no replacing her but since Maya’s passing there has been much change and advancement for the future. Our llewellin setter acquisitions have be wonderful and the addition of our 150 acres and new vacation home in the U.P. of Michigan. So it’s been a very busy year with much joy and good. Maya passed on Thanksgiving Day last year—my favorite holiday. I’m glad that I have much new thanks to give this Thanksgiving Day, including the privilege of spending time with the most incredible dog I have ever known— Maya. I love you sweet girl and always will. Thank you all for listening.

11:24 Maya


In case anyone wondered who was in charge….

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Every morning Xila collects all the bowls to examine any leftovers.

Every morning Xila collects all the bowls to examine any leftovers.

Training in August

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Usually training in August can be brutal weather for the dogs but the first week has been a real treat for both us humans and dogs!! June and July were certainly very harsh weather for all the pooches. The dogs are always a bit more difficult to work with in the fall but for good reason!! The weather is so much nicer for them and all of us dog people!!

We are busy as usual training 40 dogs with many people on our waiting list being very patient (and some not so patient) I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer vacations and are ready to get back to training those very loved unruly canines. See ya all in class soon!!

champ in amasa


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